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Hope Harbor Orphanage

How Hope Plans to Operate

Contact and Supporting Information
What We Believe
How Hope Plans to Operate
Missionary Lenell Smith

Hope is a ministry of the Fundamental Baptist Church of Anyama, under the direction of missionary Tom Vineyard. 

One of the goals of Hope is to operate as much like a "home" as possible.  First and foremost, to train them in the nuture and adminition of the Lord.  They will recieve an education and learn the skills they need to survive in the world they face.  Upon leaving Hope Harbor, we want each child to be a God fearing, upstanding citizen. 

Hope Harbor Orphanage cannot operate without the prayers and support of Gods people.  If you would like to send a monitary gift please send it to:
Windsor Hills Baptist Church
5517 NW 23rd St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73127
Please memo the check Hope Harbor Orphanage.